Derby Socks

it was: 20.00

MSRP: $20

Bont Derby Socks feature a padded Coolmax foot that wicks moisture away from your skin keeping your feet cool and dry

  • A soft knit padded sole & flat toe seam for comfort
  • Strategically positioned elastication in three areas of the sock:
  • Across the bridge of the foot to prevent slipping and bunching in the shoe
  • Around the ankle offering support and heping to keep the socks and in turn any shin pads in place
  • Strengthened elastication around the turnover and knee area eliminates the need for garters
  • Micromesh venting across the top of the foot allows the foot to breathe and assists in temperature control
  • Foot: 75% Coolmax and 25% polyamide; Leg: 5% elastane and 95% polyamide
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