Cheetah 3pt PKG

110mm package: $209
100mm package: $199
The Bont Cheetah brings new meaning to the term 'value for money' for an inline skate. This is a fully heat moldable, light weight fiberglass racing boot that is loaded with features.

This boot is made by hand using Bont's monocoque manufacturing technique. Each layer of fiberglass is hand laid in different directions before being painted with resin and then bandaged extremely tight to remove any excess resin. The boot is then baked in the oven for 45 minutes for curing. The light weight outer skin is then stitched and glued to the base.

Base 100% hand laid fiberglass
Outer Skin Microfiber
Liner Microfiber liner
Pitch 12mm
Air Vents Tongue
Innersole EVA thermo-moldable
Heat Moldable Fully Heat Moldable Base Utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
Padding Soft Memory Foam
Buckle Microadjustable